Thanks for your interest in beneficial insects. 

It is our hope that after reading this page you will feel excited about giving up chemical pesticide treatments and will instead choose beneficial insects as your gardening allies.

We carry an array of beneficial insects that can take on any pest in your cannabis garden.  Although the various insects we recommend work in similar ways, they fall into two distinct categories. Some are used as a preventative measure to keep your garden clean and functioning at optimal levels, while others are utilized as an immediate treatment to combat established pest infestations.

For prevention, we will recommend certain predatory soil mites to introduce into your garden to protect your rooting system, alongside other recommended foliar mites that will protect the plant structure from any invasive insects.  For crisis management of an established infestation, we will tailor our recommendations of certain and specific beneficial insects that will hunt down and prey on the specific types of problem pests in your garden, until their food source is exhausted. After they have eaten your garden free of problem pests, they wander off in search of more food, having no lasting impact on your plants.

It is important to understand that your particular situation may necessitate multiple applications of beneficial insects, since our beneficial, predatory mites must go through their cycle of feeding and reproduction, which is generally 7-10 days. Importantly, these insects alone are not a panacea, i.e. simply applying them will not make your garden 'bulletproof'. Absent the use of harmful chemicals, routine application of beneficial insects, general cleanliness, and paying careful attention to your plants are all crucial components of successful plant propagation.

For the best outcomes, each grower should maintain patience and an open mind about beneficial insects as a substitute for chemicals; demonstrate a willingness to seek out current information about the efficacy of utilizing beneficial insects; adhere to a precise timetable in their application of beneficial insects to their garden; and, perhaps most importantly, show faith in nature's potential to restore and maintain your garden's homeostasis.  With these conditions met, beneficial insects become a grower's most important ally in the fight against crop loss and/or damage.

Now that you have an idea of who we are and what we do, follow the link to the Products page, where we have conveniently identified the most common pests that you may be defending against. On this page you will also find a list of suggested beneficial insects that have been known to prey on the problem pests in question, along with their proper application strategies. If you find yourself with additional questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Natural Enemies was founded by Shane Young in early 2014.

His background in Plant Health and Propagation was solidified during seven years managing the ornamental greenhouses at Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas, a Greenhouse Growers magazine top 25 grower. After personally implementing and running a successful biological control program there, he chose to switch gears and bring his expertise to the cannabis industry to help producers reduce residual pesticides in medical cannabis.  

The focus of Natural Enemies is strictly on the use of beneficial insects and helping growers transition from chemical use to biological control.  As founder of Natural Enemies, and a thought leader in the new cannabis industry, Shane spreads the message of chemical pesticide-free horticulture through commercial cannabis consulting and speaking at cannabis conventions.

Shane is a husband & father and lives in Portland, OR.

If you’d like to hear Shane speak about beneficial insects, you can hear him as a guest on the podcast here.