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Where are you growing?
Example: 50% coco/40% peat/10% perlite, or rockwool, or deep water culture.
Example: 50 two gallon plants that are 2'x1' in room 1 25 five gallon plants that are 5'x3' in room 2
Average temp Average humidty
Example: 'I am seeing two spot spider mite damage on my leaves along with webbing,' or 'I have scouted and everything looks clean right now.'
Example: 500 two gallons that are 2'x1' in room 1 200 five gallons that are 5'x3' in room 2
Average temp Average humidty
Example: 'I have root aphids attacking my plants,' or 'I have positively ID'ed broad mites and their eggs.'
Example: 200 five gallon plants that are 5'x2' in room 1, week 4 or 500 3'x3' plants in week 5 of flower. They in a light-dep greenhouse and planted in beds. There are 2 beds, each is 5' x 40'.
Example: GH1 is 20x200, GH2 is 10x100 or Room 1 - 16x40, Room 2 20x40
Average temp Average humidity
Example: I have thrips in my flower, or possible broad mite damage
Please provide product names, application frequency
Is your current spray program not effective, or are you looking to prevent pest issues before they become unmanageable? Let us know!