Steinernema feltiae (Nematodes)

Steinernema feltiae (Nematodes)

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How It Works

Harmless to the ornamental crops, humans, the environment and other beneficial insects, these nematodes actively seek out fungus gnat larvae by swimming in the thin film of water on soil particles.  They locate hosts by detecting carbon dioxide and other waste products. After locating pest larvae, nematodes invade through natural body openings and inject bacteria into the insect. Bacteria develop within the insect and it dies of septicemia.  

For fungus gnat larvae:

Apply 50 million/1,100ft2 (100m2) to 250 million/5,500ft2 (500m2). When fungus gnats are a problem, Exhibitline should be applied every 2-6 weeks.

  • For best results, treat entire greenhouse or plant inventory as soon as fungus gnats are seen. If fungus gnats are established, it may be 2-3 weeks before the number of adults is noticeably reduced.

For Western Flower thrips:

  • Soil application - 50 million/2000ft2(200m2) to 250 million/5,500ft2 (1000m2).
  • Foliage application - 50 million/1,100ft2(400m2) to 250 million/11,000ft2(1,020m2).
  • Un-rooted cutting or rooted cutting dip - 50 million/13 gallons of dipping solution.
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