"Last year, we discovered russet mites in our 500-lamp cannabis grow operation. We immediately began spraying products like Green Cleaner (isopropyl alcohol), Nuke Em (citric acid), and SNS 203 (rosemary oil). Over the following weeks and months, we used a variety of other organic/state approved pesticides as we battled the little buggers. We used Evergreen (pyrethrum), Impede (insecticidal soap), Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap, Shuttle Miticide (acequinocyl), Spinosad and Grandevo. In the end, we were only able to gain control of the situation by using beneficial bugs. Many of the plants we lost initially were victims of overzealous spraying, more than mites. These plants might have been saved, had we introduced beneficial bugs sooner".  ----Anonoymous, NV

“Our company is a small business that is steadily expanding in the Portland area. We have 3 indoor gardening facilities and started using predatory mites, supplied by Natural Enemies, in September 2015. Prior to this, we experimented by spraying and atomizing many different organic products in an attempt to combat root aphids and broad mites. With bulldog persistence and a variety of different products, the insects still didn’t diminish as we would have liked. Then Shane came out to assess our issues and recommended a particular species of predatory mite for soil inoculation and one for foliar application. Within 3 weeks the root aphids (a notoriously stubborn pest that can be difficult to get rid of) were gone! The broad mites were also virtually eradicated by about 2 months or so.

Furthermore, we experienced a fungus gnat hatch in one of our farms. The two strategies of watering the plants less (removing a wet environment in which they thrive), and the same predatory mite used for root aphids completely knocked them out. We have joyfully been pest-free for about 4 months now, and continue to use the predatory mites as a preventative measure every 2-3 weeks. 

In our experience, using predatory mites is the absolute way to go to control harmful, crop-eating garden pests such as root aphids, fungus gnats, and broad mites. Applying these beneficial insects uses less time, energy and money than spending all of the aforementioned on products that don’t work. They are also less intrusive on your plants than spraying anything and everything under the sun. Thank you Natural Enemies for providing a consistent, readily-available and effective solution! ”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Shane for over a year now. I have great respect for his overall agricultural knowledge with a wide variety of plant species. Shane uses a science-based approach, and has provided us with solid recommendations that have been instrumental in our success and plant health. We rely on Shane’s beneficial insects to keep our growing medium clean. We use targeted mites for root aphid prevention and fungus gnat control. Our plants grow more vigorously and the whole garden thrives now that they are not stressed out by chemicals of any type. Every now and then we’ll see a minor spider mite outbreak and we’ll just drop some predatory mites in there and it gets resolved, and then the predatory mites just disappear. So clean. We have a reliable grow operation and both the plants and our growers are less stressed. Protecting our plants with Shane’s beneficial insects allows us to use ZERO pesticides. Shane and his beneficial insects are #DownWithSPP -  we love working with him!”


“We have been using Natural Enemies beneficial insects to defend our garden since December of 2014. We were opposed to using pesticides and were really relieved to find a reliable alternative. Now that there are so many issues with pesticides in the industry, we are especially glad we took this road. We grow in soil and chose Stratiolaelaps scimitus soil mites to control fungus gnats.  We also chose wide spectrum predatory mite Neoseiulus fallacis to search out any pests that show up and try to get established. We are a tier 1 licensed grower and margins are tight at that level. We rely on the mites to make sure we stay clean and productive. Thanks to Shane’s support with the insects and our talented growing team, we are reliably at the top of the sales list for our tier in the state nearly every month.”

GREENRUSH LLC - I-502 Number one Tier 1 producer / processer in flower 2014 & 2015

“W.O.W. Weed is one of the first 10 recreational cannabis companies growing marijuana in the legal I502 regulated system in Washington state. We have been using the services of Natural Enemies since 10/22/14, and Shane came to us in the nick of time. 

We had some serious spider mite issues in our indoor growing operation and we were spraying with natural remedies like garlic oil, rosemary oil or neem oil every 3 days just to maintain, which barely kept the problem in check, causing us a great deal of stress, as well as being very expensive in labor costs. Shane told us about predatory mites and we hated using any sprays at all so we decided to give them a try and we could not be more happy that we did. It took a couple of weeks before we started noticing any difference, but by the end of our 3rd week using the various predatory remedies he suggested there were no “bugs” that were causing us any issue any longer. We use soil inoculations for fungus gnats and root aphid prevention and a foliar treatment of predatory mites that eliminate the dreaded spider mites. We have never failed a foreign matter laboratory test and our indoor operations run smoothly with the schedule of applications Natural Enemies sends to us. 

Our company actually presents a series of unique challenges to the predatory regime that Shane normally suggests because we have very few environmental controls and our bays are often open to the wide outdoors, which of course invites in anything that flocks to the light, and through it, all the natural remedies they provide really do work great! I can honestly say we have not sprayed anything that could be considered a pesticide of any kind since the day we started with Natural Enemies, which has saved us an incredible amount in labor costs, and we are proud to be truly pesticide free. We highly recommend Shane's services and would be happy to answer any questions any growers may have regarding our experiences using the predatory mite regime from Natural Enemies.”


We have been working with Natural Enemies for the past 6 months now and our garden has never looked better. I can honestly say that our plants from veg to flower have doubled in size. I have yet to use any pesticides on our plants since we got our first batch. This is a must have if you have a garden! I also wanted to share how personable Shane is. He calls to check up on the garden to make sure everything is ok and he is always available to talk and answer any questions! 
— Client, Portland, Oregon