Choose Beneficial Insects

“Our company is a small business that is steadily expanding in the Portland area. We have 3 indoor gardening facilities and started using predatory mites supplied by Natural Enemies in September 2015. Prior to this, we experimented spraying and atomizing many different organic products in attempt to combat root aphids and broad mites. With bulldog persistence and a variety of different products, the insects still didn’t diminish as we would have liked. Then Shane came out to assess our issues and recommended a particular species of predatory mite for soil inoculation and one for foliar application. Within 3 weeks the root aphids (a notoriously stubborn pest that can be difficult to get rid of) were gone! The broad mites were also virtually eradicated by about 2 months or so.

Furthermore, we experienced a fungus gnat hatch in one of our farms. The two strategies of watering the plants less (removing a wet environment in which they thrive), and the same predatory mite used for root aphids completely knocked them out. We have joyfully been pest-free for about 4 months now and continue to use the predatory mites as a preventative measure every 2-3 weeks. 

In our experience, using predatory mites is the absolute way to go to control harmful, crop-eating garden pests such as root aphids, fungus gnats, and broad mites. Applying these beneficial insects uses less time, energy and money than spending all of the aforementioned on products that don’t work. They are also less intrusive on your plants than spraying anything and everything under the sun. Thank you Natural Enemies for providing a consistent, readily-available and effective solution! ”